All my new comics come with a bag and a board. On some lots or wholesale deals they may not. If you want to be sure, just drop me a line. I will always get back to you with an answer within 24 hours,unless someone blows up my internet.
I accept the following payments: Bank Check, M.O., Paypal are the only payment methods I presently accept. If you select Paypal, payment should be made within 24 hours of a purchase. If no payment has been made I will be forced to cancel your order.
Yes, I will consider all countries, but please contact me first. I will not ship to an unconfirmed address. There are faster, but more costly methods to ship. Please contact me if you have questions. Philymancomics@comcast.net
Very well! I care what condition your comics get to you. I also know what happens to packages after they leave my hands. I have shipped over 15,000 packages since I started selling online. I have only had two lost packages in over 14 years of selling on the "net". Insurance is highly recommended.
Yes, I run a new comics subscription service. All my comics come with a bag and a board. The only exception would be my wholesale lots. Discounts start at 25% off cover and do go higher depending on your budget. For more details please contact me!
Hmmm.... I don't want to rush you, but I would like payment sent to me within 10 days of your order. A courtesy email within 3 days of your order will allow me to know that you are serious and I will hold your comics for the 14 days. Without an email to confirm your order, I will cancel your order after 3 days.
Comics are strictly graded based on the Overstreet price guide. I don't use "mint" as a grade since I think they are very rare. Comics are touched at least 4 times before they get to the shelf of your comic store. So getting that perfect book is quite hard to do. I grab all my copies before they hit the shelves. If you have any questions please drop me a line. I stand by all my comics, if you have any problems, please contact me so that I can resolve it.
For Media rate, shipping takes on average 7-10 days. I ship at least 3 times per week. If you buy on a Friday, your package will ship usually by Monday. Any other day, and its usually at the Post Office within 48 hours. Priority and insurance is always offered, just ask for a quote. Priority is faster but for the extra cost you might only save 3 or 4 days. For those of you on the west coast you might save a little more time and it might be worth it.
I pack very well and damage is extremely rare. I don't believe I have had any damaged packages in well over 8 years. I think you should get insurance for anything you don't want to loose. I can't be held liable for damage or loss by the United States Postal system if you don't purchase insurance. I do not make any money on insurance so ask me for a quote and it will be the exact amount the Post Office charges.
My rules state that I will combine all your orders for one payment. When a second on more payment is needed because you want to add just another issue or two here is what I will do. Instead of being nasty and just charging you for more shipping, just give me a nice email stating that you want to add something to a just placed order. I will only charge you $0.50 for every extra order that you wish to add. This will cover the extra fee that I must pay for an extra payment. That is per extra order not per comic. I will need you to email me to make sure I haven't already packed your order. I try to pack an order up within 48 hours of payment. The sooner you ask me the more likely I can add it to your order. Once I pack an order, its just too late. Questions, please drop me a line.
After 2 or more years the secret is out. I ship "FREE" comics with orders of more than 1 comic. Its been a secret until I received a Neutral rating recently for shipping out a comic that was not ordered(or paid for!) Its my way of saying thanks for your business. I can't always send a free comic that a customer will love, but I do try. If you ordered a few $0.50 comics, don't expect a lot, since you didn't order a lot. If you order $25.00 for example I will more than likely send out for free some nice books. "FREE"
If you have an unconfirmed address on Paypal, I will email you if you are in the USA, and ask you to confirm your shipping address with an email that states your address. Without this email, I will cancel your order. This insures that you actually placed the order, not someone who has stolen your identity. I will not ship overseas to an unconfirmed address.
Yes!! This is just my new store where I specialize in new comics.
Sure can! If your orders total $50 or higher, I will refund your shipping charges on one of your orders. If your orders do not total $50 or more I will refund your shipping charges on one of your orders except for a $0.50 charge to cover the extra Paypal/Google Wallet(checkout) fees. If you have any questions please drop me a line at Philymancomics@comcast.net
2517462 $8.27 11-17-2012 . . . . . . . . . My favorite buyer Jon(I have decided to hide his last name), gave me my first negative in more than 4 years. That makes 2 negative feedback in about a total of 15 years selling on the net. I made a mistake and sent him a comic that he did not order, and one that was Free. He didn't see the contact seller button that is on every listing page. He didn't bother to go to my about me page. So, he gave me no time to correct my mistake and decided to give me negative feedback. Wonderful fellow, didn't respond to emails, and I gave him so much more time than he gave me to correct my mistake. I hopefully will not have to add any other buyers to this wall. If you ever have a problem with me, please make an effort to contact me...here is my email address..which is found in my about me page..Philymancomics@comcast.net There should be no reason that you can't get in touch with me. I work very hard to give good quality service and my long time record speaks for itself. Go to my main store at philymancomics.ecrater.com to see what my long time feedback is..99.92%. Thanks for reading my rant, but I take my business very seriously. Mike
Our Philyman Comics "Trade Sets" are small, consecutive issue runs of a particular title or story arc that makes it easy for you to purchase a block of a title/story at one time. Often our Trade Sets are pretty close to the issues available in the graphic novel "trades" that are released, but the individual issues are usually here before those graphic novels hit the shelves! Just another great feature of our website that makes it easy for the reader and collector, and sets us apart from the competition.